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Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.6

A digitalmagnifying class to help you view the screen in detail
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Sometimes we need to look closer on a certain part of our computer screen but using an actual magnifying glass would damage our eyes. The simple and free program, Virtual Magnifying Glass, helps us overcome this drawback. It is, as its name implies, a digital magnifying glass. It is really simple to use. Once installed, an icon appears on the taskbar. To open the application, you only need to click on the icon and the glass will open. If you want to change any of the default options, just click on the icon using the right button, and the needed menu will appear. You can use it to customize the program by selecting the language of the interface, the magnification scale (up to 16X) as well as the height and length of the magnifying window.

When installing it, the program asks you if you want to use it in Classic or Dynamic mode. In the first one, you can move the program's window using the mouse, while in the second you can use both the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. I found the first option to be the easiest, but you can try both modes by selecting the corresponding one on the menu.

In short, this is a very useful and easy-to-use application, and the best part is that it is free. Also, it is open-source, which means that you can modify the program if you have programming knowledge. Also, you can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Allows to observe details of the screen like using a real magnifying glass
  • Can be easily used
  • Different modes to work with
  • Is free and light
  • Is open-source, meaning that you can modify it according to your needs


  • I didn't found any disadvantages
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